The breadsticks (grissini) were invented in Lanzo

Just like the special sweet cookie called «Torcetti» also the «Grissini» were originally invented in the medieval town of Lanzo.

In front of «Turcet» where they make Torcetti

Soon there will be the annual party of torcetti, grissini and «la toma di Lanzo». It is a famous cheese made of cow milk from the area.

The history

You’re probably curious about knowing the story? Well, there was a doctor in Lanzo called Pecchio that in 1668 contacted the local baker Antonio Brunero. Doctor Pecchio was the private doctor of Vittorio Amedeo II di Savoia. He was only two years old and had some digestive problems.

The Devil’s bridge in Lanzo

Brunero invented therefore the breadstick that was intended to be light enough to digest for the small Duce’s fragile stomach. It went well, since the Duce grew up and became the King of Sicilia and Sardegna.

The local baker called the breadsticks «ghersa» that was a name taken from the local dialect Piemontese. In the end they got called Grissini.

The use of breadsticks today

Today you’ll find the breadsticks served in the same way as bread in almost any kind of Italian restaurant. They are tasty, light and perfect as an apetizer.

Grissini «stirati al mano» means that they get pulled out by hand instead of by using a machine. In this way they get even lighter and more crispy.

They are amazing to eat with some ham rolled around them or as a side dish to cheese.

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