Giro d’Italia went through Lanzo

I believe that the images themselves describe the visit of Giro d’Italia  better than my own words…


I’m therefore going to take you through the streets in a visual way.

The school kids started the party with a flash mob in the square. My son was doing his best to follow the dance teacher in front of him!



Lanzo has never been so beautiful and pink before! There were pink balloons everywhere, and also old pink bikes, many creative decorations and even a pink car!

An old and pink version of my car: Fiat 500

Sooner or later I want to get a car like this. I love the style of Fiat 500. And these tiny cars are so cute!

Back to the bicycles… the bikers were still gathered while going through town, and they passed so fast! After two minutes it was all ended. At least there were some motor bikes and cars as well following the competition.


After the race people continued to drink and party since a lot of people had taken a day off from work.

The bartender had moved his bar out on the street!

I couldn’t resist the pink pressure, so I bought a pink t-shirt and a cap to make the day just perfect!





You’re probably asking yourself: Why all this pink color?? It’s all because of the founder and organiser of the race; La Gazetta Dello Sport. This newspaper was actually  printed on pink paper and it has a feminine name.

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