A touristic tour to the restaurant

Last Friday I arranged the first touristic tour to a restaurant on horseback! A young and lovely couple that are originally from London came to experience this speciality!

Gaia and Jason in the hills of Mathi

I picked them up on the train station in Mathi. Jason and Gaia came out from the last waggon, but they recognized me easily. First we went to a cafè to have a nice Italian coffee, and Jason got a big admirer; an old lady that thought he was so good looking! He could tell me that his mother is actually half Norwegian!

Jason and Gaia are engaged, and they´re at the moment living in Turin. They both love the town, but they also love to get out into the nature. Giovanni had choosen two kind horses for them. One is kind of a Spanish horse and the other is an Anglo Arab. The two horses were much faster than we expected, and so keen to go forward that they prefered canter instead of trotting!

The most rocky bit of the track

My horse were luckily quite slow, and kept the others in the back with her bossy way of being. Me and my horse are sharing the same personality; extremely social and bossy! But she has some problems being barefoot at the moment, since the hoofs often get softer during the summer period. So wherever there are rocks, she needs to take it easy.

We went through different kind of terrain, and we even passed the solar panels in the hill. The riders need to watch up for their heads all the time, since there are many branches hanging over the trail. But these guys didn´t have any problems, since they have been riding before. Gaia has actually been riding in many different countries during her life.

Nala the dog came with us to eat!

After a couple of hours, we went to eat at “La tana del Lupo” in Balangero. There is a nice place to tie up the horses outside and the food is good and fresh. We even got a table outside in the front of the restaurant, so we could keep an eye on the horses while eating.

They stayed still waiting patiently for us, and we could therefore enjoy a long lunch and relax after the trip. The last part of the trail was the easiest bit, since our stomachs were quite full! A typical lunch is always at least two different plates of food!


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