Celebrating Norway’s National Day in Turin

The 17th of May is Norway’s National day. Yesterday I was invited to a dinner party in Turin with other Norwegians and their Italian partners.

Making a cheer for Norway’s national day

I actually decided to wear the national costume that we call «bunad». Also my Norwegian friend Berit did wear her version of it. Mine is a Nordmørsbunad and her is from Hardanger. Each region of Norway has their own style of it.

I was even wearing it on the train from Lanzo and during two rides on the tram. Many people looked a bit extra at my unusual costume!

A dinner table with Norwegian decorations

Typical food

We got served a typical Norwegian dinner based on cooked salmon and potatoes. Berit had brought a lovely decorated and tasty cake. Leif had brought the unique «tower cake» made of almonds from Oslo.

Salmon, sour cream, cucumber salad and boiled potatoes.

It’s always fun to meet other Norwegian people in Italy, and we were chatting until midnight! Thanks to Maria Laura and Leif everything was just perfect!

Next monday I’ll have lunch with some old Norwegian friends that used to live in town some years ago!

A deeper sence of your roots

You kind of get even more proud of your own country while living abroad. It did feel nice to walk through the streets of Turin in my national costume. In this way I was a bit different from everybody else – at least for one night!

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