Giro d’Italia is soon coming to Lanzo!

I’ve been taking some pictures of Lanzo lately, since the small town is full of pink bicycles and other pink decorations… It’s all happening thanks to Giro d’Italia.

An old wagon and a pink bike!

It feels almost like being part of a big wedding party while driving or walking through our little town these days. Everything is so pink! And everything is completely decorated, even the roundabouts!

It’s really fantastic to see how much the shop owners are participating in this project. It must be really important for the Italian population to get a glimpse of Giro d’Italia.

Upside down?

One of the shops are even showing the history of this famous bike competition.

Historical newspapers in the window 

I’m really enjoying this period of pink waves going through Lanzo. The bikers are expected to arrive the 25th of May, which means that we’ll have a lot of time to enjoy it!

The official website showing the trail

Today I went to Turin and it seemed so greyish compared to Lanzo. I missed that pink colour even without think about it!

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