Back to Barolo and La Morra

Last Friday I went to Barolo and La Morra with a Norwegian group. It was the same route as last year, but the participants were new, and so was the bus driver.

The famous cedar tree on the hill

It’s starting to become kind of a tradition to visit these beautiful small towns in the middle of the vineyards during spring. The whole area (Langhe – Roero – Monferrato) is actually a part of the UNESCO heritage list.

First I drove to Saluzzo to meet the group. It was some doctors and nurses from the north of Norway. I soon got to know the bus driver as well. He was a quite entertaining guy that luckily managed to answer all the questions about life (and health) in Italy.

This time I didn’t visit Saluzzo, since it’s quite a small town and it’s enough to see it only once. In Barolo there is the Falletti castle that is worth a visit. I’ve never had time to go inside, but I hope to get back with friends.

In La Morra we didn’t see the famous balcony called “Belvedere” andcthe statue of the wine producer since they were working in the square. We also got some rain during the visit, which made us all run to the nearest café!

Grissini time!

But we did discover an interesting place during the rainy walk. It was a small bakery that made those famous breadsticks that are called “grissini”. These were handmade “stirato a mano”, and they invited me inside to look at how this process actually work.

When the dough comes out on the other side of the machine, it has been cut into a short peace that gets pulled out in both ends. You cannot roll it, then it gets too hard. But by pulling it, you keep the crispy and light substance.

At the vineyard

The Norwegian group tasting wine

But we got an even better view from the room where we had dinner with wine tasting. The big vineyard is called Agricola Gianpiero Marrone 

This company is now driven by the fourth generation of wine makers. The three sisters and their father Gian Piero are very passionate about their work.

One of the doctors testing the alcohol level!

After the interesting tasting of 6 different wines we were ready to go back home with our friendly bus driver. I even invited him to go horse riding with me in Lanzo, since he really loves to go trekking!

I came back home around midnight, with my head full of impressions and happy memories. I was actually a bit sad about leaving those nice people behind, since it felt like we had become good friends in such a short time!

But who knows, maybe they’ll follow my blog and come to visit me some day?


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