Children need nature and animals!

Not only horses are trying to teach us to live in peace with the nature. Also children have the need to explore a natural environment.

Kids and dogs near Ponte del diavolo

But it’s unfortunately quite common that adults don’t listen neither to children or animals. They just keep going down the chosen track, regardless what happens to those depending on them.

Lately I observed a small boy that started to cry since he had to go back into the flat. It was obvious to me that he just wanted to stay outdoors. But I don’t think the parent understood the child’s need.

From Pixabay

That made me remember how difficult it was to raise my own boy in a small flat. He was never relaxed inside, and I had to walk around from park to park – all day long! That’s the main reason we decided to move out of town.

The funny thing is that as soon we moved to Lanzo and got our own garden, he changed personality. He could play outside on his own and became really peaceful. Today I only remember how hard it was raising him while living in town.

Make children used to animals

A young boy in love with horses

My son spent half of his childhood in different equestrian centers as well. He has no allergies and absolutely no fear of any kind of animals. That’s my second point.

If you don’t let the children get used to be around animals, they are likely to become scared of them as adults. I continue to meet kids that are terrified of our dogs, but after a while they actually get used to them.

Being scared of dogs is more or less a handicap. Especially in Italy where you even meet them inside shops and cafés.

Actually today the teachers of my son arranged a dog training event for the school children. The idea was to teach children how to behave in a safe and correct way around dogs. Since Italy is full of dogs, this is a very useful initiative.

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