The road to happiness


Did you know that happiness is the road itself? Today I found a very interesting article online that explains this very well.

The article is telling us about the 10 easiest ways to feel happy. And it stroked me that you’ll only find this magic state of mind while you’re actually going after it. While you’re on the road.

You might ask me why at this point. Especially if you didn’t take a look at the link above! The whole point is that when you finally achieve something, then the magic kind of runs out of it.

This is why we should focus more on new experiences and activities instead of objects. We will most likely feel happiest while doing funny or interesting activities. Or even while doing something for others.

A boy on his way home – Moon the taxi horse

I am therefore able to link happiness to the equestrian world. Now I’m finally able to understand why I’m never getting tired of horses and horse riding.

I used to think that it is connected to the variety within the equestrian sport. Yes, that’s right. But it’s more to it than that. It’s mostly about the travel. This never ending road of adventures and obstacles and relationships that you need to manage if you want to keep riding.

Always on the road

You’ll experience a lot of changes during life, both psychological and physical. Your horse will feel your state of mind and behave after it. If you get addicted to horses, you’ll never get bored and the journey will last forever.

This is the whole secret of happiness. A never ending journey filled with strong relationships, feelings, action and nature. That’s what trekking is all about!

No wonder I don’t want to stop – rideforever!


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