Planning to go trekking


To be able to go for a “real” trekking, you need to plan it carefully. Since I went on the long trail ride in Australia in 2001, I´ve been dreaming about doing the same thing in Italy. It´s about time, considering that we´re already in 2018!


This is how I imagine Soraya during the tour!


Yesterday afternoon I went to talk to the tour guide of La Mandria with some of my horse friends. The guide called William and his family are going to bring a flock of horses from his farm in Druento to a small place in the mountain called Pontechianale. It´s a 145 km long trail, where we´ll ride both in the mountains and in the lowlands. The trekking will last 5 days, and we´ll end up near the French border. It is taking place in the end of June.

One of the first places we´ll stop, is Lago di Avigliana where my wedding was held and where I went swimming all the time while living in Rivoli. The other town is Giaveno, where I started out on my first Italian trekking that only lasted 2 days in 2009. That was also one of the first times my husband went horse riding in the nature (and almost died out of fear)… For me this trekking will be a kind of a memorial tour!

Luxurious camping


Cowboy life…


The riders with their dogs and horses will be followed by a truck full of tents and equipment. The camp will be set up on forehand and even the meals will be cooked for us. Talking about luxurious camping! We just need to ride some kilometers in between… I am also planning to bring my dog Dakota, that will keep me company during the night.  There will be a lot of other dogs as well!

This system is really similar to the way we organized the Australian trekking. We rode 300 km within 10 days, just about the double. We also got the camp set up for us in the evening, with a big bonfire that kept us warm during the cold nights. We didn´t use tents, only swags. And we didn´t transport a flock of horses, only our own. A bit less luxurious than this time, but it was an unforgettable experience. You know some of those things you´ll never get tired talking about! (Even if everybody else might have heard the story thousand of times!!)

Still some planning to do…

I still need to get a few points settled out before I can actually say that I am going. We need to figure out who is going to look after my son who is in holiday from school. We also need to arrange the transport of the horses back home. Just some small, but very important points, that I have to deal with!

I´ve finally got the towing hitch for the car, that will make it possible for me to transport one horse at a time. But it won´t be ready for June, which is a pity.

At the moment everything is still a dream, but I believe that dreams come true!




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