Riding in the rain!


Today I really got a terribly cold and wet experience on horseback! We were riding in the rain and hail on our way back from Mulin Turcin.


Still sunshine and happy faces!


Yesterday I went to get Soraya and rode her home, so she could stay overnight in the stable in our garden. This morning I had planned to meet my friends from the hills and then ride to the restaurant in the old mill called Mulin Turcin.

Luckily I did put a rain jacket in the saddle bag! In the morning the weather was rather nice, but in the afternoon it got worse. Soraya didn´t want to leave the garden, since she started to rear in the beginning of the trip. That´s just the way she is. But as soon as she understands that I´m not scared, she becomes nice and gentle again!

I met two friends from my former equestrian center by the river and two others that came down the main road.


All the group is gathered


The long way back

We had a great lunch, but it lasted a bit too long and I got a bit too full! This is a place where you eat a lot of different dishes, and I had to skip the main dish in the end. Exactly the moment we decided to head back home, the rain started. We even got a taste of a thunder storm!


Mulin Turcin


The two riders from Fua left us half way to escape into the forest. We continued down the road, totally frozen and dripping wet. When the hail set in, we found a roof in an old farm where the three horses just fitted in!


On the way back home


I left my friends after a while and ran the last part of the forest. When you´re alone and you´re horse is barefoot, it´s amazing how fast you can go! Even on the wet and slippy ground. I pushed the horse into the dry box and jumped into the warm shower. It´s also amazing how cold a pair of wet jeans feels towards the skin!

This night Soraya is still sleeping at my place, since I didn´t have the courage to ride until Mathi. I might be able to bring her back tomorrow morning!


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