The travel must come to an end!

I’m gonna wake up quite early tomorrow morning, to grab the plane from Kristiansund to Oslo. The travel has come to an end…

I’ve seen a lot more of Norway than after one of my usual trips back home. I’ve met old friends that I hardly ever see and I’ve met new and interesting people.

Traveling from Fredrikstad to Oslo has been a great idea, since I managed to see and do a lot in a few days. It was really nice to walk on the roof of the Opera house in Oslo.

And it was great to have dinner made by my Italian friend. On top of it all I even met my Norwegian friend Line that used to live in Turin!

I really believe that the universe open itself while traveling like this. And I hope I can make it continue in the same way.

Bryggjen fish restaurant

Flowers in the forest

After arriving at my parents place, I’ve catched up with my old friends. I got to see a newborn foal and lambs on the neighbor farm.

I even went to a great fish restaurant with my parents, where you actually get a buffet for a good price.

The place is on the other side of the Atlantic road, and it’s called Bud.

We’ve been there 2 years ago, and the chef still recognized us! It’s a really coastal place with tons of history to it.


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