The strong little Lyngenhorse and a marvelous Spa



Nordlandshest, or Lyngshest/ Lyngenhorse, is a rare Norwegian horse breed. My friend has 3 beautiful and brave examples living in her garage!


Yesterday she let me ride Trym, and we went on a 2 hour long ride in the Norwegian forest. Even if they are really small (around 130-140 cm tall) they are very strong and fast.


They are easily trained horses that you might use in any discipline. Camilla and her daughters are doing both dressage, show jumping and trekking with their horses.


Fast horses

We measured our fastest speed to be around 44 km/ hour, but Trym has run up to 53 km/ hour another time. Not bad compared to the short legs.

After this marvelous ride on a secure and fun little gentleman, we went to the local Spa hotel. I needed to soften up my poor back! Just two days ago I couldn’t get out of the bed.. horse women are probably tougher than others with back problems?

Spa hotel by the sea


That Spa at Støtvig hotel was absolutely stunning! With the view of the harbour from the bubble bath and fresh sea breeze it couldn’t get more healthy!

We spent 2 hourse inside this relaxing zone until we decided to get some fish and chips. On the other side of the hotel there is a cozy restaurant/ café.


Old memories

When getting home, we opened a bottle of sparkling wine with gold leaves (!) and started to share some memories over the photos from our common trips to Australia. Just a perfect day!

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