It’s a challenge going to Norway…


Going to Norway has been more exciting than I thought it would be! Strange things happened, and it almost seemed impossible to reach my homeland!

Fish and chips

It started with not being able to get out of bed. After taking off the saddle after a short ride the other day, I got a sudden back pain. The next day I couldn’t get out off bed on my own!

But knowing that I had a plane to reach, I called my husband that managed to pull me up! I ignored the pain and got into the bathroom to get myself ready for my small holiday in Norway.

When I finally got to the check in area, the  woman behind the desk just looked at me with a rather shocked expression. My passport was outdated more than a month ago!

After a quick search online, she realized that Norwegians could enter the country even if the passport was out of date, and she finally reached me the boarding pass.

Even on the way out of the airplane in Oslo they had arranged another passport control! Luckily they hardly looked at it and let me pass easily. I do look rather Norwegian though!

Luna and Felix

After another 2 hours of bus travel I reached my first destination. I went to Fredrikstad to visit my old friend Camilla, with whom I’ve been traveling around Australia.


She has a nice place near the fjord of Oslo, with 3 small horses living inthe garage! They are Nordlandshest which is a Norwegian breed. It was nice to watch the sunset into the ocean just behind the horse paddock.

The sunset in the fjord

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