Barrel on the Beach 2018

We had almost decided to not attend «Barrel on the Beach» this year, since the bad weather and the big sea was washing away the riding ground just the day before.

But late Friday night the weather started to change, and while drinking aperitivo in the local bar, we decided to go anyway! We wanted to see Nicole from the equestrian center compete with her Quarter horse called Firewater Valentine.

Luckily we did take the trip. The competition is really smart organized, and the location is  unique! It’s actually the only barrel race in the world that is held directly on the beach.

In the street you’ll find a mix of local products, craftwork and horse equipment.  I finally found a Parelli halter with a rope. Not the real thing, but much cheaper…

We went to have lunch in a local restaurant in the company of Nicole and her supporters (family)!

Visit from Lanzo

On the top of it all, even my friend, her son another boy came to meet us. That was really lucky, since the boys could play with our son.

Even if there are people, horses and thousand of dogs all over the place, I felt really safe about the boys going around on their own. All the people are really nice. I never saw any of the dogs argue either!

This year there were even an American group of riders attending the race. That’s quite special, since the sport comes from the American rodeo culture.

Pole bending

We even brought our beach volley net, and played both days in the sand with the kids. That was the funniest part! Saturday evening you could try line dance and listen to country music in the middle of the town.

Lunch by the beach

Today we found a really nice restaurant with a sea view and typical Ligurian food. I had the typical dish that is made of a pasta called Trofie, local pesto, green beans and potatoes.


My friends has some great dishes as well, like the typical salad and sea food.

Nicole didn’t win, but she did three great races without tearing down any barrel! The winner was getting a car and a lot of money… and the competition was tough!

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