Escaping the rain by going to Norway!

After weeks of bad weather, I’ve done some reflections. I am actually soon going to Norway to escape all the rain!

The olive tree under the fog

It used to be the opposite way around, but the climate is changing! Anyway, all this rain is quite normal during the spring time. I’ve had a lot of time to heal my bones after the silly incident, and hopefully I get back on the horse soon.

Soraya is always teaching me something

Even the Jack Russel is riding!

I’m wondering if Soraya will listen to me, since I’ve been letting many different people try to ride her. That’s not the best for horses, since they might become confused or lazy.

Every horse has their own way to be ridden, and even if she backs perfectly with me on her back, that doesn’t mean she will do it for others.

Horse riding is more about communication and relationships than anything else.

This, and only this, is the reason I am still not fed up after all these years on horseback. If you are able to see the magic in it, you’ll continue to learn and improve for the rest of your life. It’s only 20% about technique, maybe even less… and it’s 0% about strength, that will only mess up the relationship!

I guess horse riding is all about your own state of mind. I try to avoid riding while I am stressed or nervous, and rather go for a walk.

Groundwork is another essential part to it. That is the main way to build a healthy relationship, that is based on common respect, play time and love.

I’ve decided to train her myself and only let children ride her now and then. They do less harm than adults, since I might just keep her on a leash while they sit on top of her. Haflingers are so smart and stubborn, that they immediately know what kind of person they’ve got on their back.

Another thing I’ve discovered, is that there is no reason to discuss about horses with others. Everybody has a different ideá about horses, riding and how to keep them. Just follow your own path and stick to it!

The kitchengarden

With this bad weather, I’ve also been putting the work in the garden on hold. All my big plans about growing vegetables are still in my mind, but it would be nice to actually put them into the ground!

Here is a picture of the garden as it is today. I will keep you updated in my blog, since this is an important project for my family. We cannot wait to grow our own healthy food!

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