On my way back after Easter!


My ribs are still hurting a bit after jumping in a western saddle. It´s been a long and painful week, but I´m on my way back! I´ve realized that breathing can be painful, and I even went to the hospital to take some X-rays. Luckily nothing is broken!

Typical Easter cake from the south of Italy

During Easter holiday we had a lot of guests. Last Sunday we were 5 nationalities around the dining table: Norwegian, Swiss, British, Iranian and Italian. I guess we got hold of the record in town! If I add their tiny dog, we were even more international…

A small Czech rat dog from Switzerland on top of my rather fat West Highland White Terrier!
Between all the rain we managed to take a walk to the Devil´s bridge. 

Soraya and the kids

Since I´m not able to ride myself at the moment, I´m glad one of our Swiss guests wanted to try. Also my son was riding a bit, and he managed to trot all by himself! Those moments are really special! Soraya is also a very sensitive horse with kids, and tries to satisfy them as much as possible.

Soraya with my son

Soon I hope to be able to keep her more at home, since she will develop an even closer relationship to all of us. I guess the horses feel more like being a part of the family by staying in the garden. I just need to buy some tall sticks for the electrical fence. She is easily jumping over the low fence!

Barbecue in the garden

The historical way to celebrate Easter in Italy is to go and have a picnic out on the meadow first day of Easter. But lately it has become more usual to heat up the barbecue in the garden, to gather friends and family at home.

The first day of Easter we were around 25 people playing in the garden and having a big Easter barbecue. It was the first day in months where the lawn was actually dry after all the rain. Luckily we could put the volleyball net on a dry ground. The day after it started to rain again, of course. When will the spring arrive this year?

Volleyball game during the Easter holiday




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  1. NorCal Zen says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Your so looks like he was born on horseback 🙂

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