Contrasts in Piedmont

This is the season of contrasts… High up in the mountains you´ll still find a lot of snow, while in the lowland the sun is shining and it almost seems like summer.

The three musketeers

Last weekend was just like this. Friday was just that sunny day we´ve all been waiting for so long. We´ve had a lot of rain and snow and grey sky, which is a bit unusual in Piedmont this time of the year. So I arranged a nice ride to the restaurant “Della Valle“, which is a part of the Michelin guide.

We need 2 hours to get there, since you need to cross the town of Balangero and then climb up in the hills. One of my friends is the one I teached to ride a few years ago, and now he has bought a horse and a pony. He normally keeps them up in the high mountains, except during the winter period. As I mentioned, there is still a lot of snow up in the Alps.

Saturday night we went with a group of friends to Balme, my favorite place in the Alps. We had brought bob slides and head lights, and after sliding a whole lot, we went to a nice restaurant further down the street. It´s called Les Montagnards.

My vegetarian pasta

With the spring, the desire to work returns. I have just finished the stable door that is made up by two wooden pallets. I must admit that I am quite proud of my ability to make things all by myself! I also made that ugly doghouse in the front. But even if it is ugly, the dogs love it!

My private stable

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