The first Barrel Race and a stupid situation in the riding ground!

I’ve been watching one of the first barrel race competitions in Piedmont this spring. I wanted to see Moon in action after the long winter break. I also did something stupid today…

Luca and Moon went on their first barrel race last Sunday. Moon was rather relaxed, and fell asleep during the lunch break!

It´s amazing to see such a powerful horse being so calm during any circumstances. She even let me ride her around while waiting for the race to begin. Since Luca and Moon were the only participants in their class, they won!


I must admit that barrel racing is a bit boring to watch all day long. They all do the same thing. So in the end I went to visit a lake nearby, called “Lago di Candia“. I discovered that there is also an Adventure park by the lake, so maybe I´ll bring my son this summer.

Sometimes I think barrel racing seems a bit dangerous, but only one participant fell off. She didn´t get hurt. The only incident happened to a rather old lady that was talking to her friends behind the horse trailers. One of the horses got loose and ran her down. Luckily she only hurt her leg.

What did I do?

Soraya visiting our garden yesterday

Even if these competitions seems to be a bit dangerous, not many people fall off. Normally people hurt themselves in stupid situations, just like me today… I was riding in the riding ground while I started to jump over a really low obstacle. Then I got the taste of it, and heightened it a bit more. The only problem was my saddle.

I came a bit on the side of the obstacle, and Soraya jumped much higher than I expected her to do. She actually jumped over the barrel! I got the knob of the saddle straight into my chest. It was hard to breathe afterwards, but it went quite well. It doesn´t seem like anything is broken! I even managed to go for a short ride afterwards.

It´s been a while that I wanted to bring my English saddle to the center, and now I´m definitely gonna do it. Never jump with a western saddle, you´ll gonna regret it!

Western saddle for western riding 





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  1. The only thing I know about barrel racing is that the horses can get injured with the quickness and tightness of the turns, so take care! Dawn

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