The American, Irish and Oriental festival in Turin

Last Saturday I went to a big festival in Turin. It will run over two weekends, and you need a lot of time to visit it all!

You’ll find the American/Country western festival with the horse arena at the beginning. Then you’ll need to pass the Irish festival to get to the Oriental festival.  Such an unusual mix of cultures…

I have one word for it; it’s huge! You’ll need at least a whole day to see it all. And there are so many beautiful things to buy in the Asian part.

You might find some nice stuff in the western arena as well, but I’m spoiled by the big horse events where you can buy absolutely everything!

The kids loved it

Thanks to the American part, we found a lot of activities for the kids. They tried baseball, the automatic bull and a funny soccer game. We even watched some pieces from American musicals like Greace. At the same time there was a show in the saloon.

Asian food 

I’ll try to tell the rest of it by showing you the pictures. It’s impossible to describe only by words.

The western part

It’s America

The oriental world

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