From Georgia to Piedmont

Lasha (25) is a young man from Georgia that has been living in Lanzo for some weeks. All thanks to a special exchange program the high school of Lanzo is joining.

Last night there was a big event where the students, teachers and even the major talked about everything they had learned thanks to this special exchange of cultures and history.

Thanks to Lasha, a lot of people in Lanzo have opened up their mind and got new knowledge. This small and rather unknown country, Georgia, lies near the Dead Sea and has been through so many conflicts. And there will maybe be more to come.

I am also one of those that knew nothing about this small country with a big heart. It’s so far from us all… Until I met Lasha.

Hosting foreigners

My friends are actually hosting him for two weeks, and Sunday night they invited me to get to know him. One of the first things he said was that he likes horses.

Of course I invited him to go for a ride! (I always do if someone is interested..) But he wasn’t convinced. After almost two hours of political and historical training I went back home – much wiser than before I left my house!

I am glad we could speak English together.

Changed idea

The day after he had changed idea, and asked me if I could teach him how to ride. Since my horse is really safe in the riding ground, I told him yes.

Lasha in the saddle

Today I was wearing my pullover with the American flag as usual. That was a great choice, since Gregorians just love the USA! It almost seemed like I’ve done it on purpose…

After the short riding lesson we went to my place for a cup of tea and a beer. I could also offer the best view of Lanzo from our garden…

My friend and her son had also been riding a bit, and we were all thirsty. This time I got to know everything about the Gregorian drinking habits!

It’s been a really interesting exchange of information: Me offering riding lessons and on the other hand receiving historical facts about a country I’ve never thought about before!

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