The barefoot event

Even if it was a very rainy Sunday, we still managed to organize a barefoot event in the riding school.

barefoot horse
The group of participants

Andrea – the barefoot trimmer – came to show my friends how to trim the hoofs of Soraya and to explain the philosophy behind this natural method.


Soraya’s hoofs had been growing too much and she doesn’t walk straight either. So there were a lot to say about her hoofs and the reason why a good trim is necessary on a regular basis. You can actually read the horse’s state of health by looking at the hoofs!

It was an interesting morning and I also hope it became useful for those who decide to go away from old shoing habits.

Two happy barefoot owners!

Investing in a pair of boots


Also the barefoot trimmer says that investing in a pair of horse boots is the best and most secure way to keep your horse going. They are really useful in the transition period while the hoofs are still a bit soft and sensitive.

Later on you’ll probably only need them for longer rides or days of trekking. Always good to keep in the saddle tasks! Just in case…


Afterwards we went to have an aperitivo in a cafè all together. The lunch event in the equestrian center had been moved to another Sunday in the nearest future.

Barrel racing

After having lunch I decided to go and watch my husband do some barrel race training. But I wish I didn’t. It was so freezing cold inside that riding hall.

A Gregorian lesson

At the end of the day I went to visit my neighbour who has a Gregorian lawyer student visiting. He is doing an exchange program through high school.

I got an hour of intensive knowledge about this mystical country. I learned about their nature (which the Vikings thought was their Valhall – paradice!), their dog breeds, horses and political system and history. Incredible how many things I didn’t know about!!

A follow up on this story is coming soon!

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