Ala di Stura with the newest chairlift in the valley!


Last Sunday I went skiing in Ala di Stura. It´s a rather small skiing restort, but the closest to where I live. I only need to drive for 30 minutes to get to the starting point.

The new chairlift in the background

You actually have to take a really old chairlift to even get to the skiing resort. It´s been there since my husband was a small boy, and is still going strong.

The new chairlift is further up in the hill, and it takes you to the top of the mountain.

Off piste skiing

My friend just before she takes off. The statue “La Madonna” in the background.

The skiing slopes are not bad. You´ve got some steep ones as well. But that wasn`t good enough… Me and two other women decided to try some off piste skiing, even if it was severly forbidden. There have been many avalanches lately, but this area was not a red zone.

What an amazing feeling to ride down the deep, untouched snow! I was a bit scared, but followed after a more experienced friend. The other woman actually lost her ski on the way down, and I managed to find it under the snow.

Loosing your ski in a steep hill like that isn`t funny at all!

Luckily we had the statue of “La Madonna” just above our heads, and probably she looked after us from the mountain top. In Italy it´s normal to put a statue of Madonna (the mother of Jesus) on different mountain tops.

View from the top

Me instead, managed to loose my hamburger on the ground – inside a puddle of melted snow! Since I´ve been waiting more than half an hour for it, I just picked it up, dried off the water and ate it anyway. Must admit that my stomach hasn´t become quite normal yet…

This skiing resort has a nice bar and benches outside for enjoying the sun. If you like to do ski mountaineering it´s a great place to start. The mountains are endless.

Endless mountains

If you walk a bit to the left, you´ll end up at the cabin called “Rifugio Lungimala“. It´s open only during summertime, and they offers horse riding and summer school for kids in the high mountains. This spring I would like to arrange a weekend with friends in this amazing place.

In the lowlands the fog came in early this morning. Somebody sent me a picture where you can see how thick it was! We were lucky to get the sunshine instead!

The fog in the lowlands

It was indeed a hillarious day in the snow

Except the totally newbie off piste skiing, the lost ski and the wet hamburger, I also got a shower of beer in my head in front of the bar.  In the end of the day me and my friends shared a warm and sweet drink that made me totally sleepy. Even if I went skiing alone that day, I had some great company all day long. That´s the nice ting about skiing near your hometown. “Everybody” goes skiing in the same slopes!

Lucklily I didn´t fall asleep in the really long chairlift that took us back down to the cars!

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