Turin – the City of Contrast

After spending a snowy (!) day in Turin, I just realize how many contrasts I met on my way. I’m talking about places and people…

It’s seldom snowing in town, but in these days we’re expecting the cold weather from the Siberian parts. It was nice to go into a very elegant bar called San Carlo. The name is logic; it´s a cafè lying in the middle of San Carlo square! I went there to meet a Swedish friend, since we sometimes meet to plan a Nordic aperitivo together.

The cafè in San Carlo square

Few Norwegians – many Swedes

Since we are quite few Norwegians living in Turin, I´ve realized that taking part in the Swedish group is a great ideà. There are more Swedes living in Turin, and they are also really nice people!

But the luxury surely has it´s price… When we went to pay our two cappuccinos, we had to pay 8 euros! If you compare to my small town, it´s about double price! Afterwards I went for lunch with Luca in a place we had never tried before. Luckily we didn´t get the same type of prizes…

Officina Grandi Riparazioni

This is a combined restaurant, cafè, workplace and exhibition place. It was a nice experience, since we had lunch at “the social table”. It´s a really large and long table in wood, where all the guests sit together. They also use it for work, since you might plug in your computer as well!
The social table

Even if we sat together on one side of the table, it was quite private at the same time. I think it´s a great ideá if you don´t like to eat alone, but have nobody to share your lunch with. Or maybe you´ll feel even more alone? We only paid 20 euro for two, which is quite a good price. But remember, we didn´t eat a lot and we didn´t go into the restaurant at all.

On my way to great grandmother I bumped into some policemen. They had blocked the street in front of the court house, and asked me to turn around. Afterwards I managed to ask another policeman, and he said they were checking out a suspicious person! This is all because of the election days. A lot of contrasts from old style to modern life!

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