Ready for a change

This year I’m actually turning 40, and it’s time for a change. I think it’s now or never to choose a new career path!

Today I’m in Turin looking at different courses. I’ve realized that taking a course might be the right way to find a totally new kind of job.

Hard competition

Finding a job in my valley is almost impossible. But I’m not gonna give up yet! There are still many years until I get 70! It’s not that I don’t work. The problem is that I work from home without seeing other people. I am just too social to continue like this…

So despite the hard competition in the work environment I am going to find my niche. At the moment I’m also looking into pet therapy. Wouldn ‘t it be great to have my own horse as a colleague? Or maybe train one of my dogs to help other people?

But first of all I will take a course where it’s easier to get a job. Pet therapy might come afterwards, even as a hobby!

Last weekend I took my son to ride a donkey. It’s an equestrian center specialized in donkeys and children. I think they’re really sweet animals!

Leonard is grooming the donkey

The girl was teaching the kids how to interact with the animal and how to ride without a saddle. It was more acrobatics than riding! They often use the donkeys in therapautic ways as well, thanks to their sweet attitude.

Never stop dreaming

I guess the day you stop dreaming or learning, you’re a dead soul. Never think that there might not be a possibility. Try to keep your head high and look into the future. But most of all: look into your heart. What makes you cry? What makes you feel good? What interest you most?


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  1. I just posted my lessons from 40 years of self-employment . . . maybe something there will be helpful there in your new direction :)) Best to you! Dawn


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