The lonely rider

The best view is at the start of the trail

Soraya doesn’t like to go trekking alone. Yesterday was even worse. I had to saddle her before she had finished her breakfast, which made her furious!

I had decided to take the trail that leads to Cudine. It was a 3,5 hour ride in the end. In the forest I saw the first sign of spring: some beautiful yellow flowers all by themselves!

I do feel all by myself sometimes as well. But today I met a group of friendly mountain walkers from CAI. It’s an organization that keep the trails open in the area and arranges tours.

Just before we arrived at the restaurant Soraya got scared of a strange sound and wanted to escape. After that she was just too tence to be left alone outside.

No breaks

So we kept going without any breaks, and I had lunch at home around 2 o’clock. I’ve never crossed the town of Balangero so fast in my whole life.

Since I have a barefoot horse we can even trot a bit on the asphalt. So crossing boring towns isn’t a problem… especially if you’re riding a hungry horse that cannot wait to get back to her fence and EAT!




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