Why natural is better

Today I got a special visit at the equestrian center. A professional dog groomer came to take a look at the horses, and he explained me why we all should choose the natural style.


I’m one of those “crazy” horse owners that let my “poor” horse stay outside – day and night – totally “naken”!

Now I’m gonna try to explain you why I’m not the crazy one in the end…

Soraya with her new hair style!

The expert

First of all the groomer took a look at Soraya’s coat. His name is Gian Piero and he started to groom dogs in France.

He could tell me that the main dog grooming culture comes from England and their serious breeding of terriers and other hunting breeds. This is a man who knows everything about fur: washing, stripping, cutting and brushing. But shaving it off is a no no… even when it comes to dogs!

Why not shaving?

After today’s visit I just want to yell it out: Stop shaving your horse or wrap it into rugs if you truly love him!

I’ve been acting based on common sense and inner feelings instead of knowledge. But luckily my premonitions have been right. After being around both natural fury horses, horses covered with thick blankets and shaved horses, I’ve ended up with a natural horse.

Even a natural horse can get a new hairstyle!

Soraya doesn’t have thick fur at all comparing to her outdoor lifestyle. Gian Piero told me that since she has never been shaved, her coat has kept its natural fibers and grow less.

Once you’ve shaved a horse, you’ll notice that the coat will grow even longer next winter season. That’s why shaving destroys the fibres which works like muscles inside each strands of hair.

The sophisticated function of the coat

The coat helps to regulate the horse’s body temper in a very sophisticated way. If the horse get swet, they better stay outside and dry in the wind. Better fast drying outside than slowly under a pile!

Did you know that horse blankets works against nature? The horse’s coat will raise it’s many strands of hair to create an isolated level of air. The blanket will push the hair down and keep the horse less warm!

There are so many reasons why people like to shave their horses. But imagine how cold their belly and legs and neck and face and ears actually gets! The usual blanket only heats up their back and bum!

Please think about it

Please think at least twice before you tear off the natural protection of your poor horse. Imagine if you had to stay inside a box and freeze without clothes. Or being just partly dressed.

Try some light training in the coldest periods

I know that horses swet a lot while being trained with a thick coat. But it’s enough to dry them off with some hay and make them dry outside in the paddock. A natural horse don’t get sick easily! And they don’t even loose their shoes. They never needed them!

I’m really wondering why people in general have so little respect for mother earth…

The nature created all of us perfectly – and the humans are tearing it all down!

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