Sushi time!

I´ve never told you this before, but I love sushi! Yesterday I went to a really high class sushi restaurant in Turin. There are so many different sushi-chains all over the area, but Shabu was great!

Inside the restaurant

International company

Being 4 persons from 4 different countries, we´ve always got something to talk about – in English! I love being able to spend the whole night chatting in this amazing language, especially if you listen to a mother tounge speaking at the same time!

At our table you could meet both an Italian, English, Norwegian and Iranian person! I always feel better in a multicultural setting, maybe because I´m also living in another country than my own.

The lovely international couple!

I will let you see some of the delicious plates that we got served. I must say that the servants were nice as well! And that´s not to be taken for granted!

sushi plates

It´s the first time I tasted black rice as a part of sushi. It was quite original, and I prefer the normal rice in the end. But you should give it a go!

Even the rest room was so nice that my husband had to take a picture of it! We are luckily sharing this passion for sushi, so whenever we want to go for dinner alone, the choice is simple! We just need to choose one of all the nice sushi restaurants in town!

A creative rest room and sink



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