My old Australian stocksaddle

The saddle used as a chair/interior design

I´ve got a new chair in the living room… It´s actually my old Australian stock saddle. Oh gosh how it brings out a lot of memories!

I bought this “art piece” while I was studying in the north-west of Australia. It was allready 30 years old – at least. Today it´s probably around 50-60 years old, and it has been travelling with me in the most amazing places.

Me and Riley in Queensland – Australia

Riley – ran like the wind!

This stock saddle is really narrow, and fits only the most narrow built horses. The first one it suited, was Riley. He is a cross between a Connemara pony and a trotter horse. I used to ride him for about a year while I studied in Queensland, Australia. He was more or less untamed while we met, but after a while we did cross country jumping and trekking together.

I only ended up in the hospital once, since the English saddle turned upside down while galloping! I thought my hip was broken, but everything was fine after all. After that I preferred my dear stock saddle!

Me and Mina in Norway

Mina – another fast runner

After a two years long period in Australia I bought the saddle back to Norway. I think I got it sent by boat… It´s quite heavy though. There I got Mina, a pure Polish Arab horse that had been doing long distance races all her life.

She just loved to run and hated to walk…

The stock saddle fitted her perfectly, and we had many fast rides together. But she was too eager for my needs, and I decided to sell her after some years. I still miss her and wish I had never taken that sad decision! While being a race horse with me on her back, she became the sweetest thing as soon as I put a beginner on her back.


I´ve also tried to use the saddle in Italy. But I never found a horse that has such a narrow back. Every time I tried it out, it ended up with a bucking horse! So I decided it was time to make the poor saddle have a rest.

I guess it´s more suitable as an interior object at the moment. But wo knows… maybe it will suit another horse in the future?



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