The priest´s blessing

Once a year we usually bring the horses to the church to get the priest`s blessing. This is a typical Catholic tradition that goes back to the old times, when the humanity needed the horses for doing the agricultural work.

The horses from Balangero

The priest comes out of the church after the mass. He finds all the horses lined up outside, waiting for him to throw the holy water on their foreheads.

Luca and Moon being blessed! (From the local newspaper)

Mathi and Balangero in the same day

This year they had decided to do this tradition in all the local towns at the same day. That meant that Luca and Moon could ride to Balangero with R.N. Horses and get blessed, while I went there by car. We could´t both leave our son alone! At the same time the horses from L`Erica went to the town of Mathi.

Since I had left my horse on the fields of Mathi, I went with the group of Balangero to have lunch in the restaurant afterwards.

After a while there was a strong wind coming across town. The riders had to go back in the windy weather, risking that trees and branches could fall in their head. Actually I almost destroyed the front window of my car thanks to some branches that had fallen into the road. I also got one in my head while walking in the forest waiting for the horses to return. I should have been blessed as well…

The staff at the local restaurant had been really nice, and opened it up only for our group. We had a big meal while looking at the wind throwing down trees that fell on the roads and bricks that blew off the roofs. Every year it happens something strange on the day of the Priest´s blessing. That´s why I rather leave my horse at home this day of the year….

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