Riding on burned fields

There is nothing better than going for a long ride when the weather is getting warmer. It´s been a long winter and many cold tours. Today the sun was shining and the fields were perfect for galloping! Before the grass starts to grow it´s possible to ride everywhere!

Crossing town

I had to cross the whole town of Balangero to meet Luca and Robbie that came down from the hills. Soraya is still a bit nervous while riding alone, but she is young and need to grow up a bit more. I must admit that riding in a group make us both more relaxed. She had also been outside her fence again the night before, and that means she had been eating hay during the night. Full of energy!

Finding back to old trails

We decided to go into the military area called the “Accampamento”. It´s a closed zone that is actually forbidden for visitors. But all the riders I know often go there for long rides. The reason is obvious. It´s a wild landscape that make you feel like being in the middle of nowhere. They had burned the fields, and you could see the poor trees sticking up from the black terrain, ready to die. There are many trails to follow, until you end up in other small towns. When the red mud is dry you might gallop on the trails, but this day it was too slippy.

After 4 hours in the saddle we had lunch in the equestrian centre in Mathi. I was glad that I could just “park” my horse in the paddock and go home by car! Soraya was satisfied and had burned some of the energy she gained last night…

It´s amazing that she is able to escape through 3 ropes without destroying anything.

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