The Egyptian Museum of Turin

Last Saturday we went to visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin. It´s the second biggest in the world, after the biggest one that lays in Cairo. It has recently been renovated, and I must say it has become much more interesting to visit.

Tour for kids

I was quite curious if my son would like it or get bored. But while buying the tickets, they also gave us an electronic guide with headsets. One of the options was the 90 minutes tour for kids, which was quite entertaining. We had to look for more than 30 points of interests, and it seemed like a treasure hunt.

Mummified animals

The Egyptians took a lot of stuff with them into the tomb. They needed to be well prepared for the after life, which is eternal. That´s why they brought their mummified animals as well, as useful company on the other side! The bull was partly mummified and decorated to look like a small bull.

The mummy tombs

My son wanted to visit the museum thanks to the mummies. He was really curious about seeing dead people, and actually we did! It seems to by a big mummy graveyard with beautifully decorated coffins all over the place. It´s the place to go if you like to face the death!

Lunch in town

After our cultural trip to the museum we met my friend Sophie for lunch. The typical Italian restaurant called Eataly was full of guests, but we ended up with a cheaper solution called Brek. They offer a kind of self service, where you pick what you want and pay on the way to the dining area. I had a great time with my English friend. For sure it´s nice to speak a bit of English sometimes!

The new lego store in town

Afterwards I went to a cafè​ in the center. I`ve never been treated better and I really reccommand this place. It´s called Bar Stampa near the Apple store of Via Roma. They even have a clean and big toilet!

It´s been a great day in town, and I will bring Leonard to visit more museums soon!

I think it´s important for kids to get some cultural experience during their childhood. Especially if they live in the countryside like we do.

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  1. marilyneb says:

    The Egyptian Museum was an amazing place to visit!


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