Where my heart is

Sometimes is just so important to follow your heart. Put everything else aside and concentrate on what you really need…

I couldn’t find peace in my heart until I finally went to Pian della Mussa. I needed to go cross country skiing in the sunshine while we still have got some snow.

On my way sweating up the hills I thought about how important our childhood is. I’ve early learned that struggling to the nearest top is the most important thing for feeling happy. And I still keep this habit inside.

I was so glad to have reached my goal; il rifugio di Ciriè. On my way to the goal I saw a couple of avalanches further up in the valley. Just a week ago there had been one really close to the cabin.

The avalanche

I met some people that ate their lunch outside of the cabin. They were really friendly and even offered me a coffee in the bar. In Italy you’ll find a café in the most isolated areas!

On the way down my skis had some problems on the icy road. I felt totally out of control in the steep mountain and just prayed that I didn’t break my legs! I got down quite fast (but not elegant) and even found some energy to do some gardening at home.

This night I finally feel peaceful again. I’ve been sweating and had some sunshine and done exactly what I wanted to do: cross country skiing. My Norwegian soul can sleep happily this night!

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