Ready to ski in the alps!


It’s almost like getting back in time. Being so keen to go skiing is a feeling that I had almost put away a long time ago.

Quite a big difference between new and old style!

But knowing that me and Luca have got a whole day to go skiing – without kids – and that I’ve got a great pair of new skis… well, that just give me hope!!!

Cross country skiing

Skiing telemark style or going cross country skiing is such an important part of any Norwegian identity! I even bought a pair of cross country skis last year, but I still haven’t found anyone that wants to join me. It’s not that popular in Italy, it seems like people in general don’t want to struggle up the hills!


That’s the name of another sport that I really find amusing. You basically tie two long ropes to your horse, put a friend on top of him (that likes to gallop) and let the horse pull you while skiing. You just need a lot of snow, a nice field and a fast horse!

I even used to practice this sport while I lived in Norway. I had a great Fjord horse that loved to pull. And it was so fun! If We  get more snow this year, I might try it with Soraya.

Smart horse


This morning I even had time to go for a ride with Dino and his tall horse. It’s a show watching him trying to get in the saddle… The strange thing today was watching Soraya stand completely still while the other horse got scared of some dogs. Just like she had decided to calm her down.

She is very smart, but also silly in some moments. Every evening when the owner of the equestrian center has gone to bed, she just “climbs” out of the fence and goes to eat hay all night long. We’re speaking about three ropes to cross. Not sure what to do about it…

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