I want to go skiing telemark!

I’m gonna tell you about my skis. Wherever I’ve taken them, they made people laugh. I just wanted to sharpen the edges and make them slide faster again. I didn’t want to entertain anybody…

Powder snow

Hard to admit it, but my husband was right. It’s certainly time to buy a new pair. They didn’t even get into the machine where they grind the steel edges. The tip  was falling apart.

Luca enjoying the fresh snow

Lately it’s been quite challenging to go skiing Telemark style. My poor skis could’nt prevent me from sliding down the icy parts of the hills or break when I needed to. I actually studied this nobel Scandinavian skiing style in Norway many many years ago.

I always come down the hill with my legs shaking. You’ll never understand the high degree of techniques that’s hiding behind each turn if you’ve never given it a try. Especially with those skis!

Me and Luca on the top – still with my old skis

The guy in the shop did seem impressed after looking at my skis. Probably wondering how I even got down the hills alive… I just looked at him and told him about my genetic heritage..

– Well, you know.. my brother used to be a World Champion (it’s actually true) and I’m not having problems with these skis.. I actually started out with low leather shoes and even longer skis! These are just SO easy to ride!

After that he really wanted to help me to move on into the future, and today he had found a new pair of shorter and wider skis. I cannot wait to feel the difference, and we’re planning to go back to Pian Benot quite soon.

Nice skiing resorts

This is a beautiful skiing resort in the Valley of Viu – valli di Lanzo. We’re lucky enough to live really close to many high mountains, and it’s also been snowing a lot lately. So the setting is perfect.

BUT I’m a bit sad about saying goodbye to my old pair. Maybe I should hang them on the wall? I just placed my old Australian stocksaddle in the living room… why not put the skis there as well??

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