Meeting Dino the Jockey!


Dino and his mare “Star alone”


For a while ago I moved my horse back to another Equestrian center in the neighbourhood. This is where I used to spend my time with my old Haflinger Wolke, and I have so many nice memories from these good old days. Then I got to know a real jockey!

These were the days my dear… as they say in the song. But time passes by, and the people change. I didn´t expect to find the same horse owners anymore, but at least I´ve got back my old paddock! So looking at a similar Halfinger in the same paddock brings me back in time. And I got to know Dino, who is an earlier jockey. He´s got 5 thoroughbreds in the stable, and one of them is being placed by another trainer at the moment.

Dino has a long career as horse owner and a short career as a jockey. The reason is that you´re actually not allowed to ride your own horses in the race course. It´s kind of crossing interests. I´m not that much into horse racing, but I kind of understood the main rules that he explained to me.

Old memories

Even these lovely race horses bring back memories to me. In my childhood I grew up with ex race horses in the garden, which my dad used as hobby horses. They were always so kind to us kids, since they have a big heart and a great temper.  The strangest thing is that all of them had Italian names, like Amarosa, Siracusa (a city in Sicily), Sherlockiana and Isabella. I even named the last one, which was born on our Norwegian national day!

Strange coincidence…

Is all this a coincidence? While telling Dino the story about my childhood`s horses, I started to wonder. Was this actually an early sign of me ending up in Italy? Well, life is always full of surprises, and in the end everything is connected! The main thing I know, is that the horses have always been my leading star. I went to Australia and met a Fjord horse breeder! I went to Italy and got to know “the sister” of the Fjords; the Haflinger…


Soraya waiting to be saddled!


Well, back to Dino. We decided to go for a ride. His mare was gentle enough to even follow after my much slower Haflinger while galloping over the fields! I expected her to go into racing mood, but she didn´t. Then Dino told me that she actually never has been a race horse, since she was too claustrophobic to get into the start box. For that reason she will become a breeding mare. She has very good blood lines.

I´m looking forward to go riding with them again. The two mares seemed to go well together, and Soraya is always happier if she can get some four legged company. She is a very social type of horse…




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