Finally riding together again

Finally me and my husband could go for a ride together. Thanks to the long period of snow and ice, Luca wasn`t able to go far thanks to his shod horse. Me, on the other hand, have been riding through all the winter time.


Selfie on the horse…

Since I´ve moved my horse all the way to Mathi, I needed to go for an hour ride just to pick him up. Soraya was neighing all the way through the town of Balangero, since she is still too much depending on the other horses. I was so ashamed about waiking up the hole town on a quiet Sunday morning!


When I finally met Luca I was totally frozen. Needed to go for a run in front of the horse. That valley is the coldest place in the area, and it took me kilometers of galloping to get back in normal shape. Moon was behaving really well after staying two months in the equestrian center. She never gets scared about anything, except when she met a man walking his two big sheep! That unusual sight made even the most heroic horse a bit nervous…

I´m more used to be on a rather sceptic horse. Soraya is always looking out for scary situations and also reacting a lot more to them. But she is much calmer when it comes to galloping, which means I just let go of the reins in a very relaxed way! That day I realized that you´ll never get a perfect horse. But I think mine is close to it!


Soraya back in the paddock with her friends


In front of the fire

I was quite happy that I didn´t have to follow Luca on his way back from Mathi. Instead I placed my poor body in front of the fire place with a warm cappuccino…  You really need courage to go for long rides with temperatures under 0 degrees. It´s fine to go walking or skiing, but sitting still on a horse is a lot more challenging.

Anyway, it was great to finally being able to share my passion with my husband again.

I missed that more than I thought. I´m looking forward to the spring time and more long rides under the sun. It´s important to keep the relationship happy, just like you keep your horses happy!

Even if it means you have to ride alone for one hour and risk freezing to death until you meet 🙂 That´s love!



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