After the rain…

After three days of puring rain it was time to go for a walk. It normally never rains this much during wintertime, but lately the weather seems to behave a bit crazy.

The river  in Lanzo is really big

There are actually two rivers crossing underneath the famous Devil’s Bridge. I love watching the water flowing down the river while walking my dog.

Even the trail was filled with water and I almost fell while sliding on the rocks.

This year I’ve decided to walk my dogs more often. It’s easier to get higher up in the mountain if I take the car instead of the horse. Only wish I had a trailer for Soraya! Then she could join us in the Alps.

CAI Lanzo

So to get started I’m gonna become a member of the local club for mountain walkers called CAI Lanzo. They’re the most active organization in the valley, and the members help to open up a lot of new trails. And as you’ve probably understood by now, that’s my big interest!

The park

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