How to clean your saddle gear


The most boring part of horse riding might be the maintenance part… This involves cleaning your horse, the stable, the box and not to forget your saddle gear.

We often clean our horses until they shine as a Barbie doll horses. But that doesn´t help if we throw a filthy-looking saddle on top of them!

clean horse
A shining mare with her foal in a clean box

When you own a horse it´s important to take good care of it. If you also care about the equipment, then you´re on the right track. Dirty and crispy leather is not safe, since it might break while riding or driving. So always make sure you wash your gear with saddle soap and finish off with some leather grease. In this way you´ll keep your saddle gear looking shiny and smooth.

American saddle

How to do it

Cleaning a saddle means to firstly take off all the loose parts like the stirrups and the girth. In this way it´s easier to clean before putting the grease. Don´t forget to clean the bridle and the reins as well. If they´re made of fabric, you might just wash off the dirt with some soap and water. If these parts are also made of leather, then you follow the usual method. Always use soap meanth for leather.

Here is all the saddle parts drying in the sun

The saddle blanket

Last thing to remember is the saddle blanket. If it gets too dirty, it will not protect your horse´s back against the saddle. You should wash it with soap and water every second month to avoid that it gets too hard.


Yesterday I went to a sport gear chain called Decathlon. Here I always find everything I need for horse grooming and saddle gear protection. I even bought a new balsam for Soraya´s long tail and mane. Just to make it easier to brush through.

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