Back in Italy for New years eve!


After a very relaxing week in Norway, I’m back in Italy – just in time for New years eve.

La tavernetta

We arranged the party in my mother in law’s basement. In Italy many people have a “tavernetta”, which is an underground dining room. Since she is seldomly using it herself, I think it’s nice to keep the place alive.

Since all the guests bring some food each, it’s really easy to throw a great party and also eat too much! I had brought some homesmoked salmon from Norway, which is more tasty than the one from the shops.

Dishes based on fish

After a lot of fish dishes we went outside to see the firework. Living above the town of Lanzo is great for watching all the lights in the sky. In such a moment you start to think about your new years wishes. I have many for the coming year!

Most important of all is to become a better version of myself. The older you get, the harder it is to get rid of bad habits or behaviours. Second goal is to study the Italian grammar!

Happy new year everybody!!!


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