The difference between Northern and Southern Europe

By the frozen lake in Averøya

After spending almost a week in the middle part of Norway, I start to feel the need of daylight! The difference from Italy is notable.

In Averøy it’s getting light around 9 in the morning, while in Lanzo we have bright daylight at 7 o’clock. The biggest difference is that it’s actually never bright light during the day in Norway, and it makes me feel sleepy!

After a long time away I had forgotten how much effect the light has on the body. I’m used to sunshine and a bright sky most of the time. But today there is a thin white layer of snow outside, which brightens up the nature.

The view from our balcony

Another day I went to take some photos in Kristiansund. It was about 8.30 in the morning, and still dark as in the middle of the night.

I’ve been walking a lot in the area lately, but I almost never meet other people out on the streets or in the forest. I guess it’s not true that Norwegians are outdoor people anymore? The weather has been bad, and yesterday I was walking in the middle of a small storm!

Indoor people

The whole comunity seem to stay indoor in their heated and fully decorated houses to celebrate Christmas! But this afternoon I’m hoping to see some people at the typical Christmas tree party for kids.

No cafes

Another extremely big difference is the café culture. There are more residents on this island than in the little town of Lanzo, but they have not even one café! In Lanzo there are at least 10 typical bars, and not to mention all the bakeries and ice cream shops… The only café is a part of the bakery, but it closes at 5 o’clock.

I wish there was a place to meet others, but it’s not possible. The only way to socialize is to visit others in their homes. That is quite common, compared to Italy, where people normally only meet at the café.

Home visits

I often try to invite people at home, since that’s so natural for me. After many years in the Alps I’ve started to understand that people normally only come by for dinner in the evening! So I’ve adapted to the life in the café… Coming back home it’s hard to not be able to go out and see other people. But if you live here, you’ll get used to it!



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