The Atlantic Ocean Road

I’m back on my island for Christmas with my family. This morning we went to have a look at the famous Atlantic Ocean Road!


This road goes from Averøy towards Eide, and is really close to my childhood home. Every time I go to visit, the weather is cold, grey and windy. It’s actually one of the most dangerous coastlines of Norway, and yesterday a big freighter stranded on a shear. They had to rescue 12 people.

The dangerous coast of Nordmøre

But it’s also known as one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The Atlantic Ocean road is built by bridges that goes from one island to the next. There is also a nicely built trail for walking and sightseeing.

Today is Christmas eve, but we still need some snow to get into the right mood. Living near the coast means higher temperatures and more wind than the inland areas.

Last night we went to our neighbours on the farm, and we bumped into two funny Santa Claus imitations! I also tried the typical viking drink called “Mjød”, which is made of honey.



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