Christmas dinner with horse people in Rivara

A really cold evening

Last Saturday we arranged a Christmas party for our horse friends. We went to a nice place in Rivara where you might use the swimming pool in the summertime.

But this night was freezing cold and the pool was covered with snow. In the spring time we might go there by horse and take a swim..

Many of the guests didn’t turn up in the end, but we filled a table anyway. They served one cold aperitivo, one warm variant and two dishes of risotto and pasta (ravioli).  And of course dessert and coffee.

No line dance

The disappointing part of the evening was the music. We were hoping to do some line dance, but the musicians were in love with music from the eighties! So no dancing this night…

But at least we could talk about horse riding as much as we liked! If you do that in another context the people might just escape from you… This was the place for sharing funny experiences on horseback and make plans for the next year.


Riding on my own

Xmas is really getting closer now, but we did all the preparations really early this year. No Xmas stress in my mind! Instead I took a long ride today. It was a stupid idea, since I risked getting totally frozen!

I went all the way to our house just to turn without even taking a rest. The Border Collie had followed after us, and in the last moment I remembered that she kills cats. So before I let her inside the gate, I turned back, just in time to save the cats!

But Soraya is really more fit in this weather, and returned to the stable full of energy.


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