Eating Paella made by a Spanish horsewoman!

I’m really happy to have been visiting this lovely Spanish horsewoman that lives on a hill with all her animals.


The equestrian center lies on top of a hill with a 360 degree view of the mountains. Here lives the Spanish lady with her dogs, chickens, mini pigs and horses.


Rachel has reconstructed a house where there are many rooms for rent. She is also a good chef that really knew how to make Paella, a typical Spanish dish with rise, fish and meat.


After a really nice meal and horsechat we went to get the horses. It was lunch time also for the hungry four legged ones!

Spanish roots

Rachel (at the top left) as a child in Spain with her family

Rachel has two brown Spanish horses (of course!) and one of them arrives from the royal stables of Spain. Rachel comes from generations of Spanish horsemen, but she has decided to train them the natural and softer way: Parelli.


“I asked myself if there could be another method of training the Spanish walk. Then I learned modern horsemanship methods like Parelli. Today I’m playing with the young horse while I’m training. It’s like a game!”

This horsewoman reaches small goals every day that in the end gives her big results with every horse. She also cares about dogs, and arranged a dinner to get money for stray dogs in Sicily.


Her property is like a big paddock divided with a wooden fence. The horses are playing together in small groups and never closed inside. They even have a small paddock outside their box!


Interor design

She also has a particular good taste for interior design. Her house could easily been shown in an interior magazine and become an inspiration for those who love the countryside.

She is renting out rooms (bed & breakfast) and even organizing Parelli courses. It’s a perfect place for mountain walking or just relax.

14 hours on horseback

After a nice day in great company, me and Andrea had to go back towards our valleys. Andrea got to know Rachel a year ago, when he and some friends visited her on horseback. They spent 14 hours in the saddle to get there!

My goal is to go back in the spring time to watch this horsewoman ride in the Spanish way. And to see how far she has gone with her 3 year old horse. That’ll be great fun!

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