Riding through Winter Wonderland

I just love riding in the snow! Having a barefoot horse has opened a new world of freedom. Many people think it´s the opposite, but I only find it more and more useful!

The weather has been good to us lately. The first snow lasted a week until the next layer came on top of it. No ice and no problems underneath, which means that we can gallop wherever we want… I have just moved my horse to Mathi, and it´s been a while since I used to ride in this area.

Today was a reminder of good old memories and trails.

All the cafes were closed!

The only problem was where to have lunch. The first cafe we visited in the town of Benne was closed, and we changed direction towards Grosso. Here we realized that the bar in the square was closed down (forever) since they will reconstruct the castle in the middle. So we went to another place on the corner and tied up the horses outside the church!

This cafe was quite shabby, and so was the people inside. It was hard to understand the hoarse voice of the waitress. But the food was ok, and at least we didn`t fall of the horses because of an empty stomach… After this kind of a different experience we galloped all the way back, since there were many snowy and open fields waiting for us.

Life changes, but the habits remain…

Soraya was finally behaving as herself again.

Moving to another place does usually make horses a bit nervous in the beginning. They need time to settle down, just like us.

But when Soraya meets one of Andrea`s horses, she calms down immediately. They remind her about how to be a real trekker, and she always waits peacefully outside the restaurant for me to finish eating.

It´s always useful to ride with horses that have a calming effect. It´s also important to keep doing what the horses are used to do after moving them. In this way they feel more safe and comfortable.

Make them spend their energy in a correct way.

The snow is not stopping us…

Today Soraya finally learned the word “jump”, and she is starting to make small jumps over the obstacles we might meet on our way. Next step is jumping in the riding ground!

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