Christmas Market at the Castle of Stupinigi

People in traditional clothes in front of the castle

Last Sunday afternoon I took my son to visit the big Christmas market at the castle of Stupinigi. We also went to see the museum inside. What a spectacular place!


This castle, that is on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1997, was one of many places where the royals could spend their free time and go hunting. The Savoy family loved to throw spectacular parties and marriages in the castle, and it has even been the residence of Napoleon in the beginning of 1900. The buildings started to be built in 1729.

I immediately started to dream about being in another era when these marvelous rooms appeared in front of us. One room is filled with gold and another is full of Chinese paintings. We could even see what kind of toilets the Savoy family used in those days! They were made in wood and didn´t look so different from the modern ones at all.

The most impressing thing of all was the way they used to dress up the poor baby boys at that time. They looked like small women in elegant dresses! We can only wonder if they felt comfortable and happy…

The castle of Stupiniggi
The castle in the evening

After the visit inside the castle we went to the stables. Here we found a huge Christmas party and activities for kids. I went a bit wild with shopping Christmas gifts and tasty food, since they all wanted me to taste their special products. I ended up buying a very jammy nut cake!

You could also find a nativity scene and a lego exhibition inside this halls. They had put some cute reindeers inside the old stables, and we even found a polar bear that moved his head.

The lego exhibition was amazing. You could see a whole town of lego, the most famous buildings of Turin, an amusement park and a war scene from the States.

Lego exhibition

Walking inside those halls was quite challenging in the end. It was extremely hot and a lot of people. You felt almost like being strangled. Outside it was freezing cold, so it was almost like visiting a sauna. Hot and cold, hot and cold! But we had a great time, and we even got to know a lady from Asti. She invited us to visit her equestrian center where she  has donkeys, Quarter horses and other breeds.

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