A biological vineyard in Monferrato

Yesterday we went to a small town called Canelli in the middle of the wine region of Monferrato. We did some wine tasting in a biological vineyard together with our friends.

Marco is a friend of our friend Roberto. He is the fourth generation (or more) of wine producers in the family. The name of the vineyard “Ca’d Tantin” means actually  the “canteen of Constantino” which was Marco’s great grandfather.

The entrance

It’s not the best time to visit this area, since it’s really cold and all the vine trees have no leaves at all. But it’s still a beautiful area to visit.

Biological wine

Marco explained a lot about how he produces the wine in a 100% biological way. They’re using no chemical ingredients like many other wine producers are operating.

We tried a very nice and fruity white vine made from the grapes called Arneis. His white wine tastes different than the wine from the same grapes just a few kilometers away. It’s all about the depth and consistency of the soil.

After a nice time drinking a bit too much wine we went to have dinner at Roberto’s place. He made a famous Paella for all his friends, including the wine producer Marco. An unique Italian experience until after midnight!

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