A trip to Santa’s Christmas dream



Just like last year we decided to visit the workshop of Santa Claus. This year they’ve moved the whole village from Turin to Venaria.

The surroundings are more magic this year, since it’s placed in the garden of the castle.

But the atmosphere seemed to be different. It was much more focus on how to squeeze money out of the families.

They’ve even put a professional photographer in front of the Santa Claus so that they could sell the pictures afterwards.

After some years of experience from amusement parks, I was smart enough to take my own photos! Even the activities for kids had to be paid by cones, which you had to buy in one of the stands. In the end there were almost no kids going to these activities!

Another sad point was the ice skating area. Thanks to the snow it had been closed for the afternoon. Last year we had so much fun ice skating with our friends!

But if you didn’t visit the village last year you should definitely try it out! I guess the place is still magic for those who have never seen it before… The kids just love to sit on Santa’s lap or visit the reindeers and their sleigh.

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  1. Valentina Scaiola says:

    I want to go there the next weekend! It seems amazing šŸ˜


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