How to go trekking on horseback


There are many preparations to be done until you might call yourself a trekker. That’s why I will try to share some tips with you!

A well equipped horse

I’ve been riding in the nature since I was born. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve learned it all yet! I actually keep learning new things after every trail ride and every single horse I ride…

Let me make a list for you about how to get started:

1. Choose the right horse

Argentine horse
Argentine horse

This is fundamental for your future rides. If you choose a good horse you might share many happy years with this one. If you make a bad choice, you might end up frustrated or limitated. And surely want to change it after a short while!

A good horse for long rides is calm, rough and steady. He shouldn’t get easily frightened. He better have good legs and soft movements. The more you’re together, the safer you’ll ride. It’s about good habits and getting to know each other.

Some top breeds for trekking might be Argentine horses, Haflinger, Fjord horse, Murgese (rustic Italian horse), Paint horse and many others!

Just remember to stay away from outworn competition horses or nervous horses. Choose a horse that might seem boring rather than a flying fox…

2. Buy the correct equipment

Western saddle with saddlebags

First of all you should invest in a comfy saddle. When you’ve found the right horse, you should also find a perfect fitting saddle.

Western saddles are the most common and most practical saddles for long rides. You can tie almost anything onto them, but make sure your horse accept stuff hanging down on the side! They divide the weight onto a large area of the horse’s back and have a safe seat for the rider.

Get a set of saddle bags that’s are easy to open on horseback. You might need a water bottle or two during your ride! Two saddle bags are usually having enough for space for a whole day ride.

3. Train your horse

Train everywhere

First of all you should try to keep your horse fit, so he’s always ready for a long ride. You might vary the training between ground work, riding in the riding ground and shorter rides in the nature.

You should also teach him how to jump in case of meeting obstacles in the wood.

It’s smart to ride where you meet cars, tractors and dogs, just to keep the horse’s mind trained as well! These horses need to be able to meet any kind of situation with a steady mind. If not they’ll run away for no reason!

If you experience that your horse has problems and becoming nervous, you should make him move faster forward while squeezing him with your legs and a firm grip on the reins. Feeling your presence will make him more secure in stressful situations like crossing a town.

There are so many things to experience while doing trekking. No trails are the same. But the best thing is gaining experience on top of a secure horse.

I wish you all a great ride!!!


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