Winter time on the doorstep

This morning I went for a ride with Soraya and Dakota. It’s better to put on some warm clothes, it’s all ready wintertime!

Since we usually have around 0 degrees in the morning, it’s smart to stop by the café for a hot coffee before riding. Today I actually met three horse people in the café, and we always have a lot to talk about!

We were as usually planning the next trekking and and discussing about the best trails… It’s really important to have friends sharing this hobby, if not you’ll end up alone in the bush. Just like me this morning!

When I ride alone, I’m always a bit more nervous than being with other riders. It’s not the safest thing to do, since also the horse becomes more aware of everything.

Soraya by herself

If you don’t like riding alone, you might rather work in the riding ground when there’s nobody around. In this way you  keep the horse fit and make it use the brain at the same time. You might even teach him some new tricks.

I’ve been busy lately with figuring out where to keep my horse. I prefer that horses are staying in big places with other four legged friends.

Firstly I’ve been looking at some fields near Lanzo. But when I realized that I would be alone about this project, I had to start thinking about something else. I cannot leave my horse all by herself.

So after lots of thoughts I’ve decided to move her to another equestrian center. This is a tough decision, since all the surroundings changes for both of us. Luckily I’ve been there before and it’s more like coming back to old times. She will get a big field to share with another horse.

A refreshing walk

This night I decided to take Dakota for a rather freezing walk in town.

This is a serie of photos from Lanzo showing Dakota as a city dog! Of course she is not on a leash… she is just too independent!

I also found some inspiring paintings that almost looks real.

I see that this article is a bit messy, but it’s not always easy to know what to write about!


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