Crossing the river of Lanzo

Some days ago I decided to explore a brand new location: La Ca Bianca on the way to Monte Basso (Low mountain). This mountain lies on the other side of the river, where I normally never go riding.

We left early in the morning and didn’t bring a lot of food. Andrea had promised to cook for all of us! On the lawn just before arriving in Balangero we met Tonino on his black horse. She’s a Murgese, which is an Italian breed from Puglia in South Italy.

He took us toward the river, since I had no idea about where to get to the other side. Before getting there we needed to cross the roundabout in the middle of some heavy traffic. That’s one of the worst places I know, and of course Soraya got a bit nervous while entering in the middle of all those cars.

The worst part

But the worst part of it is the railway where you might meet the train. This morning they actually closed the gate Just in front of us. We could see some men working in the middle of the train tracks. Luckily they finished soon and let us eventually cross.

Crossing the river was easy. We didn’t have to go through a lot of water, but we walked over a lot of big stones instead.

Crossing the river
Finally on the river banks

Stura river

This river is called Stura and goes under the Devil’s bridge in Lanzo. We ended up in Cafasse where we met Andrea and Vida. After a short stop at the cafè we said goodbye to Tonino and started the adventure on the other side of the river.

Morning ride

We went towards Monte Basso, where the horses had to climb towards the house in the hill. Soraya was dripping wet and I had to walk a lot myself.

Big lunch

We found this nice place to eat and enjoy the view, and it’s also a great goal if you go by feet. Andrea had brought an impressive lunch that he cooked on his small gas oven. I had only brought the dessert!

It’s amazing to see how organized his saddle is for carrying the food and drinks.


After the huge lunch we left the nice view and walked towards Lanzo. There we crossed the same river, but this time with a lot more water in it!

It was really useful to learn more about the other side of the river. We had to take a long road home where we saw many strange houses and animals.

Both me and Soraya came back home with a lot more experience as explorers. We’ve learned that there is no reason to let a river stop you from learning new trails!

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